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The EU FP7 project DRIVER is conducting a number of experiments to assess the feasibility of addressing known deficiencies in crisis management. In this paper, we introduce experiments that investigate two-way communication solutions between crisis managers and citizens or unaffiliated volunteers. In the so-called “Interaction with Citizens” experiments we are testing the usability and acceptance of the various methods and tools that facilitate crisis communication at several levels. This includes: informing and alerting of citizens; micro-tasking of volunteers; gathering of situational information about the crisis incident from volunteers; and usage of this information to improve situation awareness. At the time of writing this paper, our “Interaction with Citizens” experiments are still under way. Therefore, this paper reports the lessons learned in the first two experiments along with the experimental setup and expectations for the final experiment.

Please click below to download the full paper presented at ISCRAM 2016 Conference – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2016

DRIVER milestone report describes the current status of the design of the joint experiments to be conducted by the DRIVER project in 2017 and illustrates experimentation activities and preliminary results.

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The Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) is the new Commission initiative to improve and deepen the communication between policy makers and scientists in the field of disaster risk management.

Their newsletter #2 (April 2016) comes with a full page article on DRIVER

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In promoting the resilience of civil society the focus is often placed on technological solutions. To provide a more comprehensive picture of best practice and innovative directions for the future DRIVER has taken a more inclusive approach.

One element of this work relates supporting the role of volunteers at different stages of the crisis management cycle.

CRJ 11:3 is out now and it features a 2 page article on DRIVER.

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Crisis Response Journal is a global information resource that covers all aspects of human-induced natural disasters, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity and security.

The aim is to bring agencies, disciplines and nations – as well as the private and public sectors – together in order to increase the understanding of their different roles and perspectives, thereby improving a unified response to large scale crises, or averting crises in the first place through effective disaster risk reduction.

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March's edition of the TIEMS newsletters includes a special edition dedicated to DRIVER.


TIEMS is a Global Forum for Education, Training, Certification and Policy in Emergency and Disaster Management. TIEMS is dedicated to developing and bringing the benefits of modern emergency management tools, techniques and good industry practises to society for a safer world. This is acomplished through the exchange of information, methodology innovations and new technologies, to improve society's ability to avoid, mitigate, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters.

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02/2016 - Coordination board for Swedish Crisis managing organisations, MSB, Stockholm (Sweden)

DRIVER presentation by MSB

02/2016- Workshop "Protecting Critical Infrastructures and addressing Disaster Resilience in Horizon 2020", The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Vienna (Austria)

DRIVER general presentation including end-user involvement of Austrian Red Cross

02/2016- HNPW, Joint Research Centre, Geneva (Switzerland)

Presentation of the ENCML- European Network of Crisis Management Laboratories

01/2016- 4th International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness & Response to Emergencies & Disasters IPRED IV, Home Front Command, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Presentation (Spontaneous Volunteer Management Programs; Volunteer management in emergency management. A European perspective)

12/2015- Optimal Geospatial allocation of volunteers for Crisis Management, Rennes (France)

DRIVER presentation by AIT

10/2015- TIEMS annual Conference 2015, TIEMS, Rome (Italy)

Presentation "Smart crowds in crisis situations: risks and opportunities " AIT & "Inter-organisational Lessons Learned: Perspectives and Challenges" (FOI)

DRIVER Workshop at TIEMS annual conference 2015: Pan-European lesson sharing in emergency management

09/2015- Envirorisk, Pole Risques, Aix-en Provence (France)

Presentation of DRIVER methodology by Armines (French)

09/2015 - Fraunhofer 10th Future Security Conference, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Berlin (Germany)

Papers and supporting presentations for the topics "Experimenting towards Civil Society Resilience" and "Analysing organisational, Legal, and political Framework conditions to support the implementation of new crisis management solutions"

Analysing Organisational Legal and Political Framework Conditions to Support CM Solutions



Experimenting Towards Civil Society Resilience



08/2014- International Disaster Risk Conference IDRC Davos - Innovative tools in crisis management – Dependency of their success to enhance societal resilience from laws, policies, and institutional structures, IDRC, Davos (Switzerland)