Welcome to the DRIVER Community Website!

Welcome to the DRIVER Community Website!

DRIVER will deliver an effective impact & sustainability by creating and fostering a DRIVER Community which will include Crisis Management practitioners, policy makers, technology suppliers and the citizenry. This constantly evolving Community will enable an intensive collaboration with and between Crisis Management stakeholders concerned by societal and technological innovation in Crisis Management and its up-take even beyond the project duration.

You are a Crisis Management practitioner, policy maker, technology supplier or citizen interested in Crisis Management?

By joining the DRIVER Community, you will be able to:

  • Receive newsletters and announcements
  • Get early invitations for attending meetings and workshops related to your field of expertise
  • Create networking opportunities (access to other stakeholders from the community based on their expertise)
  • Have opportunities to speak at major events and present your work
  • Be informed about Open Calls and DRIVER experiment campains
  • Work jointly and iteratively with the other community members on new approaches and solutions to Crisis Management issues

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