Towards a Common Operational Picture for Major Emergencies Operational Data Lift Experiment (Experiment 41)

Towards a Common Operational Picture for Major Emergencies Operational Data Lift Experiment (Experiment 41)

During a largescale emergency it is more important than ever that fast, accurate and comprehensive information is available to responders. The major European research project DRIVER is addressing this by testing the benefits of the adoption of a Common Operational Picture (COP) approach.

COP is a standardised approach to collecting and bringing information together and making it immediately available for all involved parties. It particularly applies to the management of complex and cross-border operations, involving diverse Crisis Management organisations.

The main expected operational benefits of a COP approach are :

  • faster/easier dissemination of situational information between the various levels of command, and the various organisations involved,
  • improved shared understanding.

Led by Thales and hosted in Valabre, this experiment will compare the current practices, supported by the legacy systems, with a COP approach.

The chosen scenario is a forest fire with cascading effects on a main road creating a chemical threat on the nearby town across the border.

The scenario will be played by professional first responders representing all levels of command. They will use the advanced Valabre simulator; first with the legacy tools and then with innovative COP tools (Thales; Frequentis).

During the experiment the reports sent by the players as well as the generated COPs will be recorded. The exploitation of this data will allow a detailed assessment of the speed and accuracy of the situation assessment process as well as the information workflow between the various levels of command.

We will also collect qualitative feedback from the participants to assess the relevance of the proposed COP approach, as well as its potential impact on operational practice.

The Key Success Indicators of this experiment are:

  • the ability to assemble the reports of all participants in a COP and to share it,
  • the ability to make the comparison between the current practices and the COP process.

The process and results of this experiment will be assessed by three external evaluators, all experts in Crisis Management.

The final outcome will

  • elaborate on the potential operational benefit of a COP solution,
  • give feedback on the DRIVER experiment design methodology,
  • discuss potential replication of such an experiment in other contexts,
  • provide insights on the usage of the Valabre Simulator for the assessment of innovative solutions and operational procedures.

This experiment will be evaluated by external experts from Norfolk Fire Service Training Centre (Incident command expert) and Institut der Feuerwehr Nordrhein-Westfalen (C2 expert). The experiment is designed prepared and executed in close cooperation with practitioners, industrials and research organizations.

  • Norfolk Fire Service Training Centre
  • Institut der Feuerwehr Nordrhein-Westfalen