I4CM Marseille 2015

I4CM Marseille 2015

A DRIVER Workshop on Innovation for Crisis Management – I4CM (Innovation for Crisis Management) was held on the 26 and 27 May 2015 at the “Villa Méditerranée” in Marseille, France and gathered together more than 120 participants from over 15 countries.

The event aimed to support the comprehensive approach to crisis management (CM) adopted by the project, by involving people from all major CM functions in Europe and beyond. As there are a number of CM communities representing different professional actors (fire fighters, paramedics, police, customs, foreign affairs, authorities, policy makers, etc.), I4CM provided an opportunity to identify, for each community, the nodes and opinion leaders or key representatives and further involve them as contributors to DRIVER.

The conference was organized as a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions to stimulate discussions and debates. On the second afternoon, visits to two important French experimentation platforms located in the region were organised.

Speakers at the Workshop included representatives from EU institutions (DG ECHO, FRONTEX, DG HOME), national authorities (from France, Israel, Slovakia and Sweden) as well as regional and provincial authorities. Several communities of end users (including first responders, fire fighters, NGOs, police, justice), academics and technology suppliers were also represented.

Please find here below the presentations that were held at the meeting

Day 1

Lessons learned of the operational use of air surveillance and drones in the Marseille Area fire department

Eric Rodriguez, Fire Department of Bouches-du-Rhône (France)

User Involvement Italian fire brigades

Massimo Cristaldi, CTO, IES Solutions

JRC Unit for Global Security and Crisis Management

Chiara Fonio, Joint Research Centre

Comprehensive method

Krister Arnel, MSB – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Organization, Preparedness and training at authorities level

Brigitte Lacroix, INHESJ

Interministerial crisis management and operational centre - COGIC

Pierre De Villeneuve, Operational Centre for Inter-ministerial Crisis Management - COGIC, France.

Population Behavior and Guidance Emergency Preparedness

Maj. Sivan Inbar, Israel Home Front Command

Situation monitoring processes and services at the Frontex Situation Centre

Rui Nunes Pereira, FSC Operations Coordinator – FRONTEX

User’s involvement in research uptake and programming

Philippe Quevauviller, Policy Officer, DG HOME, European Commission

Lessons learned on First Aid Ebola app operational deployment

Lauren Pucci from American Red Cross Global Disaster Preparedness Center

myPublicAlerts & Notico, Alerting and Informing citizens

Delphine Arias-Buffat, Deleveryware

Commanders Training Simulative Centre

Alex Blekhman, Head of Development Section, Israel Home Front Command

Israel vision of the operational needs and concepts of emergency management

Alex Blekhman, Head of Development Section Israel Home Front Command

Lessons Learned of the use of virtual operation support by the fire department of Gard during large floods – winter 2014

Eric Grohin, Deputy Director of the Fire Department of Gard (France)

Strengthen response with interoperability

Massimo Cristaldi, IES Solutions, Italy

First lessons learned of the Germanwings A320 crash crisis management

Emmanuel Clavaud, Director of the Alpes de Hautes Provence Fire Department

Virtual Operations - People Power

Caroline Milligan, Director, Crest Advisory, New Zeeland

A warnings revolution - the virtual town criers

Reegan Key, Acting/General Manager – Operation and Respons, Emergency Management Victoria – Australia

Day 2

The EU, Disaster Risk Management and innovation

Andrew Bower, European Commission DG Humanitarian aid and civil protection

Strengthen Response In Europe

Josine van de Ven and Dirk Stolk, TNO, Netherlands

Eastern-European Platform

Oskar Baksalary (remotely) ITTI – Poland

Presentation CEREN 2014

Frédérique Giroud, CEREN, France

Msb – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Tanja Stahle, MSB, Sweden

Sociotechnical Innovation : Academic Perspectives & Key Learnings From An Actionresearch Among Firefighters

Marc Riedel, researcher on experimentation/innovation for the fire-fighters (Tours university, ENSOSP), France

DRIVER project: Experimentation

Christian Carling, , FOI (Swedish Defense Research Agency)