A distributed European test-bed for Crisis Management capability development with proven evaluation methodologies is at the heart of the DRIVER project. The test-bed includes exercise facilities and crisis labs, some connected virtually, allowing new approaches and solutions to be evaluated in real-life exercise scenarios.

Technical solutions and capabilities, as well as expertise and experience are key features of the test-bed, which is intended to provide a long-term legacy for the European Crisis Management community even after the conclusion of the project.

The comprehensive series of DRIVER experiments is addressing three crucial areas of crisis management, recognised as containing vital ‘innovation gaps’. These experiments are testing and validating innovative, yet practical, solutions for crisis managers and emergency practitioners, which it is hoped will cope with the climatic, societal and economic trends faced by today’s crisis management policy makers and practitioners:

The solutions being validated in these experiments are at various stages of maturity - the first rounds of experiments are used to assess the respective maturity levels and to identify possible benefits and/or difficulties regarding their subsequent implementation

Experiment List

These solutions are being tested in combination with other DRIVER solutions as well with external solutions and legacy systems. The aim is to facilitate learning at a system-of-systems level (heterogeneous and loosely coupled local, regional and national systems that are able to collaborate in varying configurations).

The test-bed is naturally evolving in parallel with the project and is developing methods and physical infrastructure that support the experimentation activities.

Figure: Experiment Aggregation into a Final Demonstration

Once the initial experiments have been concluded, two much larger and more complex Joint Experiments will be held during 2017 and a Final Demonstration in 2018 that will test the selected DRIVER solutions across all of the crisis management phases – preparation, response, stabilisation and recovery.

Joint Experiment 1 - Flooding Scenario

Joint Experiment 2 - Heat Wave Scenario

The comprehensive campaign of experiments in the DRIVER project, the establishment of the distributed European test-bed together with the two Joint Experiments and the Final Demonstration will result in a range of scientifically tested, and operationally validated, solutions for European crisis managers, emergency practitioners and many other stakeholders.