EXPE 42 Interaction with Citizens

EXPE 42 Interaction with Citizens

Figure: Experiment Overview

Modern communication technologies provide for crisis managers new ways of interacting with citizens in crisis situations. In order to evaluate in how far these technologies are accepted by citizens and if they can help first responders to obtain a better situation awareness or to manage volunteers, DRIVER partners test different communication tools in a simulated crisis situation at the test-bed in The Hague, Netherlands. The main functionalities to be tested are:

  • Context-aware(*) informing of citizens over various channels in order to raise the level of preparedness and resilience.
  • Context-aware(*) (micro-)tasking of citizens to perform real and virtual tasks.
  • Using the tools informing and tasking functions to improve the societal resilience.
  • Using the information received from citizens to improve the situation awareness of the crisis managers.

(*) Context is defined by combination of the users profile, position, situation on ground and needs of the crisis managers.

The experiment took place at the VRH premises over two days (April 19th and 20th) and assumed a flood scenario in which a combined high tide with an extreme weather event threatens the citizens in the region of The Hague. The first day allowed the experiment participants, consisting of volunteering citizens and first responders, to get acquainted with the tools and the possibilities of using them, whereas the second day simulated the preparedness and the response phase of the crisis. The focus in the morning was on gathering information from citizens as well as informing them about the expected flood and in the afternoon on assessing the extend of the damage and tasking the volunteers to collect extra information.

Picture: EXPE42 at work

The results of the experiment will help to improve the interaction with citizens and the management of volunteers in crisis and disaster management

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