DRIVER Platforms

DRIVER Platforms

Platforms play a vital role in DRIVER, which is establishing a distributed European test-bed infrastructure and supporting evaluation methodologies.

In addition to giving advice and support on how best to run many of the experiments, the Platforms also provide the facilities for hosting the experiments themselves – virtually connected exercise facilities and crisis labs, in which practitioners, providers, researchers, policymakers and other CM stakeholders can evaluate the new solutions.

Figure: Experiment Allocation to Platforms

Several experiments have been allocated to one or, in some cases, two Platforms, something that has required close collaboration as they have worked together to develop a shared understanding of what is needed to create the distributed test-bed.

Some of the key aspects of the Platforms:
  • Produce a jointly developed model for identification of needs, priorisation, upgrades required and a roadmap for identified aspects and activities
  • Develop a common picture of the differences and complementary components of the Platforms
  • Establish Platform interconnectivity and interoperability as pillars of the DRIVER test-bed legacy

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