Catalogue of Test-bed Solutions

Catalogue of Test-bed Solutions

As well as setting out the methodology for how the various experiments should be planned and conducted, DRIVER is providing a variety of other supporting solutions and tools, which help to guide and document the design of the basic architecture for the test-bed that will eventually become the reference for future experimentation test-bed design.

A large amount of information is being collated and uploaded into a content management system, called the DRIVER Catalogue. For example, information on suitable simulation platforms, models, and other support tools including those, which record data.

The DRIVER Reference DataBase is another content management system that constitutes a fundamental component of the DRIVER experiments. It contains details of everything that is known about the current stage of the experimentation process. This supports the planning and analysis of:

  • Description of the experiments (i.e. objectives, organiser(s), participants, location(s), logistics and time schedule)
  • Usage of live real world and virtual components
  • Results of the experiments (including lessons learnt)
  • Data on historical crisis events and catastrophes that are relevant for DRIVER experiments

These tools both provide important support to those partners designing and implementing the test-bed. Of course experiences from single experiments provide valuable inputs for the multi-national Joint Experiments taking place in 2017. Lessons learnt from completed experiments will also be used to input to the further improvement of the experimentation methodology.

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